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Responding to Investigations

Representation in Investigations

Employers in New York must comply with a multitude of complex employment laws. City and State agencies routinely investigate businesses they think may not be complying with those laws. Individuals may also face investigations into their workplace actions. Having legal representation provides peace of mind to individuals and businesses, as well as potentially decreasing the cost of settlement.

Berke-Weiss Law PLLC represents corporate and individual clients in investigations in front of agencies and groups, including:

  • New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (paid sick leave);
  • New York State Division of Human Rights (discrimination);
  • New York City Department of Education (workplace investigations);
  • New York City Department o 
  • Disability insurers (long term disability claims), and;
  • Office of Professional Medical Conduct.

Berke-Weiss Law PLLC also performs workplace investigations after an employee brings a potential harassment or wage claim to the attention of the business.