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Areas of Practice

Berke-Weiss Law provides legal support for employees and employers in matters of employment policies, contracts, discrimination, maternity leave, and more.

Areas of Practice

Legal Support for Employers and Employees


Severance agreements can protect employees' reputations and finances, and employers' business relationships. We structure severance packages to protect established goodwill, while limiting employer's exposure to litigation resulting from the termination.



We have extensive experience drafting employment policies and procedures that ensure workplace fairness. We provide advice to employers regarding worker classification, employee terminations, insurance needs, and employment agreements. We work with employers to conduct workplace investigations and trainings.


We negotiate on behalf of executives from all fields to help them obtain compensation packages that are fair and well-structured. We also advise on other terms of their employment contract, including restrictive covenants and non-compete agreements. 


Inappropriate sexual conduct and conversations occur in many workplaces. We represent people defending and bringing harassment claims, giving us a unique perspective on the most expedient way to resolve sensitive matters while respecting clients' rights. 


Discrimination is present in many workplaces: people are paid, promoted, or managed differently based on their race, gender, age, sexual orientation, family status, disability and other reasons. We represent employees bringing workplace discrimination claims and defend employers against claims.


People with disabilities sometimes need reasonable accommodations from their employer to perform their work. We help employees understand their rights and to ask for accommodations, while advising employers how to accommodate their workforce.


Pregnant women and families face the same types of workplace issues: negotiating maternity leave, requesting accommodations, and combating discrimination. We protect women's jobs and advocate for pregnancy rights through our Pregnancy Project classes, consultations and representation.


We represent individuals and health care providers. Our understanding of consumer advocacy protections enhances billing receipts for institutional clients while protecting individuals with large medical bills. We also advise clients on health insurance issues when changing employment.


We help employees evaluate if they were fired for unlawful or discriminatory reasons, and assess their rights under the law. We also represent employers accused of wrongful termination. We try to resolve disputes efficiently through negotiation, but we also have extensive litigation experience.