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Laurie Berke-Weiss Quoted in New York Times Article on Paid Family Leave for Nannies

"Nannies are not volunteers; they are not guests in your home,” Ms. Berke-Weiss said. “They are employees, and all the rules apply. But it doesn’t get more intimate than this. They’re a member of the family … whom you’re paying.” The January 1st rollout of the New York State Paid Family Leave law impacts most private employees in the state, including nannies.

Lauren Smith Brody covered this important issue in the New York Times, highlighting the need for:

  • communication between nannies and employers;

  • employers checking their disability policy to ensure compliance;

  • nannies and employers making a list of duties and plans for accommodations;

  • finding a backup plan for the leave period, and;

  • seeking neutral advice.

Employers and employees with questions can contact us to learn more about implementing this new law in their workplace.