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Defending A Sexual Harassment Claim

Employment attorneys at Berke-Weiss Law discuss what to do if you've been accused of sexual harassment.

Defending a Sexual Harassment Claim

If You’ve Been Accused of Sexual Harassment

We offer nonjudgmental representation to all parties. In this climate, more people are finding themselves accused of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior. Our clients work in multiple industries, including: higher education, finance, law and media. We work with our clients to push for proper investigations, and negotiate with their employer for fair outcomes. By understanding our clients' interests, we provide an honest analysis of the options available to achieve their goals, including: entering into confidential settlement agreements, answering complaints with agencies, or engaging in litigation in court. We also engage outside public relations advice, as necessary.

We have experience handling a broad range of sexual harassment claims, including cases involving: lewd comments; sexual jokes; quid pro quo; requested sexual favors; sexist behaviors; inappropriate touching, and; workplace bullying. Many people feel embarrassed regarding sexual harassment claims, but the lawyers at Berke-Weiss Law PLLC handle these matters sensitively and with discretion.