April 7, 2023

Alex Berke quoted by Law 360: World Leaders' Exits Hold Lessons For Employers On Burnout

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been heightened awareness of employee burnout, as explored in Law360’s article, World Leaders' Exits Hold Lessons For Employers On Burnout. The article contains ideas from various employment lawyers on what employers can do to combat burnout and retain employees, including: paid sick leave, paid family leave, increased flexibility, and use of reasonable accommodations. 

Senior Associate Alex Berke stated: “Reasonable accommodations are a really good tool in the workplace for employees and employers," she said. "Employees on the verge of burnout might be experiencing depression, anxiety and they might need an accommodation like, 'I'm going to my therapist every week,' or 'I need a few days or weeks of leave.”

The reality is that more people are living with disabilities post-COVID-19, and it is essential for both employers and employees to understand the framework of reasonable accommodations. In doing so, they can create a culture of inclusivity and support for those who need it, while avoiding the costs of employee churn.

Read Anne Cullen’s article about employee burnout here.

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