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These are ways our clients have described the attorneys at Berke-Weiss Law. We not only pride ourselves on our ability to deliver tailor-made results and counsel to our clients, but also on the strong relationships we form with them.
Laurie Berke-Weiss.Rosa Aliberti and Alex Berke talking.

Our Team

Our Attorneys


Laurie Berke-Weiss

Employment Attorney

Laurie focuses on all aspects of employment law. Corporations, non-profits, local businesses, lawyers, physicians, executives, architects, and teachers number among her clients.
Senior Associate

Alex Berke

Employment Attorney

Alex is an employment lawyer and provides advice and counsel on sexual harassment and discrimination cases, including pregnancy, disability, race and gender as well as religious discrimination.
Senior Associate

Rosa Aliberti

Employment Attorney

Rosa is an employment lawyer who works on diverse labor and employment law matters, including wage and hour cases, workplace investigations, severance, employment, and non-compete agreements.

Kate Burns

Employment Attorney

Kate is an employment lawyer and plays an important role in the firm’s discrimination cases and severance negotiations.

Melissa Romain

Employment Attorney

Melissa is an experienced employment law attorney with vital knowledge of court litigation.

Our Staff

Office Manager/Legal Assistant

Aga Szczepanik

Aga is an experienced legal secretary who ensures that clients always have someone they can reach.
Legal Assistant

Catherine Greene

Catherine is an attentive and organized legal assistant prepared to assist clients and attorneys with any matter at hand.

Areas of Practice

For Employers

Whether your business is navigating an emerging matter such as an employee complaint, or you’re hoping to spruce up your employee handbook, the employment attorneys at Berke-Weiss Law can help.


Did you know that complaints about sexual harassment are required to be investigated under New York Law?

Addressing Claims Made by Employees

Speaking with an attorney before the situation escalates is crucial.

Workplace Contracts & Agreements

Create terms that fit your business needs.

For Employees

Understanding severance agreements before signing is crucial. Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation are all-too-common experiences. Advocating for workplace accommodations can be nerve-racking. See below to learn how Berke-Weiss Law advises employees in these and other matters.

Agreement & Contract Reviews

Understanding any contract or agreement relating to your employment or separation before signing is crucial.

Disability Discrimination & Reasonable Accommodations

If you have experienced discrimination of any kind contact us to schedule a consultation.

Workplace Investigations

Being contacted by your employer’s attorney about a workplace investigation can be nerve wracking.

Paid Family Leave, FMLA & other forms of Family Leave

If your family is undergoing a shift, you may be entitled to paid leave.

Workplace Discrimination

Age, gender, and race discrimination are just a few ways in which a workplace becomes a hostile environment for employees.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is an especially toxic form of gender discrimination.


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