Women cannot be fired for being pregnant, but they can be fired while being pregnant. We understand that it is difficult to find independent resources that clearly explain your rights in the workplace. The Pregnancy Project’s mission is to provide advice and counsel to parents facing discrimination at work.

Maternity Leave and Paid Family Leave

Navigating when and how to inform your employer you are pregnant can be daunting, and applying for leave benefits may only add to the stress. Contact us if you’d like more insight and guidance on applying for these benefits.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Were you fired, targeted, or harassed after you told your boss that you’re pregnant? Contact us if you believe you’ve experienced pregnancy discrimination.

Pregnancy-Related Accommodations

If you’re experiencing pregnancy-related conditions that impact your ability to work, you may be eligible for a reasonable accommodation. You have the right to pump at work after returning from maternity leave. Contact us to learn more.

Seminar Overview

Whether you are currently pregnant or plan to be, we want to inform and empower you to enter conversations with employers and health insurers armed with information to assert your rights effectively and efficiently. These tools will help you negotiate more effectively with your employer and your health insurance company, relieving stress and enabling you to focus on your growing family.
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Resources from our Blog

New Study Shows Paid Parental Leave Has Mental Health Benefits

January 17, 2023
A new meta study published in The Lancet finds that parental leave, especially paid leave, has numerous benefits, both for parental health and economic health, and leave is especially beneficial for mothers.

In A Big Win for Pregnant Workers, Senate Passes PWFA and PUMP

January 4, 2023
With bipartisan support, the United States Senate passed the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and the PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act in December.

Confusion over Abortion Coverage Persists even in Deep Blue States

October 3, 2022
In an odd twist, some workers in those deep blue states are realizing that their health insurance may not cover the practice.

Alex Berke for the Daily Beast: You Know What's Missing from the 'Dobbs' Opinion? Women.

June 27, 2022
The US Supreme Court’s catastrophic and heartbreaking decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which has guaranteed a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion for almost 50 years, has ignited a blaze of emotions across the country.

NY State Division on Human Rights Alleges Pregnancy-related Discrimination at Amazon

June 6, 2022
The report suggests that Amazon consultants have identified reasonable accommodations that would allow workers with disabilities to continue performing their functions without undue burden. However, despite this knowledge, company officials continue to pursue a policy of forced unpaid leave rather than internally-identified accommodations.

Remote Work a Boon for Pregnant Workers?

March 14, 2022
Kessler notes that for those fortunate enough to be able to work from home, the small box containing their faces no longer broadcasts impending parenthood. Instead, women are able to focus on work, an act of normalcy expectant parents who aren’t pregnant have always enjoyed.

Alex Berke Quoted in New York Times Article on the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

March 5, 2021
The pandemic may be creating a path for the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which was first introduced in 2012 to become law. This law will help clarify and define the rights of women to receive accommodations in the workplace.

A Personal Account of Workplace Harassment Highlights How Common the Behavior Is

February 5, 2021
In fact, many of the discrimination cases we take on follow very similar outlines. An employee, even a very senior one, is intimidated, berated, and subjected to mistreatment at the hands of a manager or executive, and has trouble sorting through the proper legal response to the situation.

New Report Shows Paid Family and Sick Leave Essential for Women Remaining in the Workforce

February 1, 2021
A recent report from the Paid Leave for the US (PL+US), one of the leading campaigns to deliver federal-level paid family and medical leave has important findings about issues near to our hearts and our practice.

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