Sexual Harassment

EEOC Issues Draft for Update to Workplace Harassment Guidance

October 9, 2023
The EEOC releases updates to workplace harassment guidance for the first time in over 20 years.

Mid Hudson News on Lawsuit Against the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse

March 7, 2023
The recent lawsuit filed by Senior Associate Alex Berke on behalf of former Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse (CPCA) employee Christina Tuttle against the agency, its former Executive Director Kimberly Haight, and the board of directors has been making headlines in Poughkeepsie.

Proposed Changes to New York’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Model Policy Aim to Provide More Guidance to Employers

February 13, 2023
NYSDOL has proposed updates to New York's Sexual Harassment Prevention Model Policy to provide more guidance to employers.

International Survey Reveals Approximately One in Five People Experience Workplace Harassment and Violence

January 20, 2023
A recent ILO-Lloyd’s Register Foundation Gallup survey reported that approximately 23% of people—more than 1 in 5—have experienced one or more of three forms of violence/harassment in the workplace: physical, psychological and sexual.

Berke-Weiss Law Represents Plaintiffs In Lawsuit Making Waves

June 29, 2022
Defendant in sexual harassment lawsuit named Superintendent in the Bronx’s District 7, leading to outcry from parents.

Alex Berke Interviewed for News 12 on Lawsuit Against Newburgh School District

May 13, 2022
Alex Berke recently appeared for an interview on News 12 with Blaise Gomez about her clients’ lawsuit raising claims of sexual harassment and retaliation against the Newburgh School District, Newburgh Board of Education and former Superintendent.

Governor Hochul Signs Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Bills

March 24, 2022
In front of gender equity and women’s rights advocates attending a celebration of Women’s History Month Governor Kathy Hochul signed a raft of legislation aiming to bolster workplace rights and protections in the state.

Alex Berke Quoted in Law 360 Piece on the Cuomo Sexual Misconduct Fallout

August 4, 2021
Alex Berke quoted in Law360 Article, “Cuomo Sexual Misconduct Report A Road Map For Lawsuits.”

Cuomo’s Textbook Violations of His Own Sexual Harassment Law

March 29, 2021
Governor Cuomo, who boasted that “we are sending a strong message that time is up on sexual harassment in the workplace” doesn’t appear to have thought his own message applied to him. Read all about it in Senior Associate Alex Berke’s piece “Cuomo’s Textbook Violations of His Own Sexual Harassment Law” in the Daily Beast.

Laurie Berke-Weiss Quoted in NY Law Journal Article about Investigation into Sexual Harassment Claims Against Governor Cuomo

March 3, 2021
As New Yorkers follow the sexual harassment allegations against Governor Cuomo with interest, the New York Law Journal explores “What’s Next for the Investigation Into Sexual Harassment Claims Against Cuomo.”

A Personal Account of Workplace Harassment Highlights How Common the Behavior Is

February 5, 2021
In fact, many of the discrimination cases we take on follow very similar outlines. An employee, even a very senior one, is intimidated, berated, and subjected to mistreatment at the hands of a manager or executive, and has trouble sorting through the proper legal response to the situation.

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