Disability Discrimination

Long COVID Leads to Lasting Effects on New York Workers, State, Study Finds

January 24, 2023
85% of workers' compensation funds from NYSIF have been paid to people with long COVID demonstrating that people are leaving the work force due to long COVID.

New Study of Employees With Long COVID Demonstrates Need for More Workplace Accommodations

January 12, 2023
Since the beginning of the pandemic “long COVID” remains a new and poorly understood condition both for medical experts and people suffering from the condition. For workers, this has had a significant impact on their ability to remain productive at work.

Labor Market Strong for Workers with Disabilities

November 1, 2022
For many workers in the US, the pandemic has reshaped the employment landscape. Fully remote and hybrid work have become normal.

John Fetterman Interview Highlights ADA Accommodations Still Hard to Get

October 17, 2022
In a recent NBC interview with Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman, we saw a common problem for many Americans: The ability to get reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA ).

NY State Division on Human Rights Alleges Pregnancy-related Discrimination at Amazon

June 6, 2022
The report suggests that Amazon consultants have identified reasonable accommodations that would allow workers with disabilities to continue performing their functions without undue burden. However, despite this knowledge, company officials continue to pursue a policy of forced unpaid leave rather than internally-identified accommodations.

Berke-Weiss Law PLLC Sues Amazon for Disability Discrimination

May 4, 2022
Berke-Weiss Law PLLC filed a disability discrimination suit against Amazon in the Southern District of New York on May 2, 2022.

Law360 Covers Berke-Weiss Law's Suit Against Amazon

May 4, 2022
On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, Law360 dug into Berke-Weiss Law’s latest lawsuit, Brittany Hope v. Amazon.com Services LLC and Sandra Finkelstein.

It Pays to Listen to Your Employees

April 18, 2022
A Kentucky jury’s recent finding underscores how important it is to listen to employee’s needs, especially when employees are sharing the mental health bases for their requests. Such open-minded attitudes and awareness of the consequences of disability discrimination usually lead to less strife and more equity in the long-run.

Federal Government Considers Long Covid a Disability

September 3, 2021
The federal government has made moves to expand disability coverage to include long Covid sufferers. President Biden made the announcement in July as part of the country’s celebration of the 31st anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

31st Anniversary of ADA Has Special Significance This Year

July 29, 2021
Thirty-one years ago this week, then-president George H.W. Bush passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law. It was a milestone in Federal law with wide ranging implications throughout US society, and, because of its extension of civil rights workplace protections to those with disabilities, special impact on our own practice in employment law.

Disability Discrimination Is Hurting the Medical Profession

July 26, 2021
A new investigation on the Huffington Post has spotlighted a troubling trend in medicine. Many doctors with disabilities experience persistent discrimination at the hands of other physicians and medical professionals. In a profession that regularly requires workers, especially early career workers, to put in grueling shifts of 80+ hours a week, doctors with disabilities are perceived as unable to live up to the grind.

A Personal Account of Workplace Harassment Highlights How Common the Behavior Is

February 5, 2021
In fact, many of the discrimination cases we take on follow very similar outlines. An employee, even a very senior one, is intimidated, berated, and subjected to mistreatment at the hands of a manager or executive, and has trouble sorting through the proper legal response to the situation.

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