January 24, 2023

Long COVID Leads to Lasting Effects on New York Workers, State, Study Finds

A study focusing on the first two years of pandemic data about worker’s compensation published in January by New York’s largest worker’s comp insurer, the state-run New York State Insurance Fund, found significant effects from long COVID on employment in the state. According to the Fund’s analysis, 71 percent of claimants classified as suffering from long COVID required 6 months or more of time off or continued medical treatment. Additionally, 18 percent had not returned to work after a year and 3 in 4 of those workers were under the age of 60.

The Fund notes that long COVID has “harmed the workforce” in the state and inferred that long COVID was a strong factor in lower workforce participation and employers’ difficulties in filling open positions. It has also had a high monetary cost to the state, with $17 million of its $20 million in claims going to long COVID sufferers.

This contributes to a growing body of research about the material and medical effects, both physical and mental, of long COVID. It has forced employers and workers to adjust to a new normal and even the Americans with Disabilities Act has been altered to reflect the severity of the condition.

NYC Ban on Automated Employment Decision Tools Revised

January 23, 2023
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NYC revises ban on the use of AI for employment decisions.

International Survey Reveals Approximately One in Five People Experience Workplace Harassment and Violence

January 20, 2023
Sexual Harassment
A recent ILO-Lloyd’s Register Foundation Gallup survey reported that approximately 23% of people—more than 1 in 5—have experienced one or more of three forms of violence/harassment in the workplace: physical, psychological and sexual.

Federal Trade Commission Proposes Ban on Non-Compete Clauses in an Effort to Protect Employees

January 19, 2023
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The FTC is proposing a ban on non-complete clauses in the United States.

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