November 18, 2022

NY State Division on Human Rights Alleges Pregnancy-related Discrimination at Amazon


Amazon workers in a warehouse


In May, the New York State Division on Human Rights filed a formal complaint against Amazon, alleging discriminatory practices against pregnant or disabled workers. The complaint argues that instead of providing reasonable accommodation for its workers, Amazon forces them to take unpaid leave.

In further detail, the report suggests that Amazon consultants have identified reasonable accommodations that would allow workers with disabilities to continue performing their functions without undue burden. However, despite this knowledge, company officials continue to pursue a policy of forced unpaid leave rather than internally-identified accommodations.

Practically, the Division seeks a ruling that requires the company to cease discriminatory practices and adopt policies of accommodation. Additionally, it would require company employees to familiarize themselves with state human rights laws. The Division also has the authority to conduct investigations into the company's practices if it chooses.

Amazon is the nation’s second largest private employer and operates 23 facilities in the state of New York.

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