November 18, 2022

Senior Associates Cover "Workplace Protections For Employees Seeking Abortion Care" for Law360



In the days and weeks following the Dobbs decision, several national employers ranging from Disney to Tesla have stepped up to offer travel benefits for their employees who must seek abortion care in another state.

While the moves are well meaning, intention does not always translate to practice. Nebulous questions still cloud the issue, not the least of which: “What if I don’t want to tell my employer I need abortion care?”

In an article published in Law360, Senior Associates Rosa Aliberti and Alex Berke dive into the question and explore the rights that employees already have, which they can leverage to assist in their effort to reach abortion care. You can read their piece, “Workplace Protections For Employees Seeking Abortion Care,” here.

Long COVID Leads to Lasting Effects on New York Workers, State, Study Finds

January 24, 2023
Disability Discrimination
85% of workers' compensation funds from NYSIF have been paid to people with long COVID demonstrating that people are leaving the work force due to long COVID.

NYC Ban on Automated Employment Decision Tools Revised

January 23, 2023
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NYC revises ban on the use of AI for employment decisions.

International Survey Reveals Approximately One in Five People Experience Workplace Harassment and Violence

January 20, 2023
Sexual Harassment
A recent ILO-Lloyd’s Register Foundation Gallup survey reported that approximately 23% of people—more than 1 in 5—have experienced one or more of three forms of violence/harassment in the workplace: physical, psychological and sexual.

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